The aim of these masterclasses is to collate a global vision and successful case studies from here and there. Ideally, the program is tailored to your needs. The whole training is created out of a mix between context, theory, concrete examples, current and forecasted local market trends, our knowledge of key local, national and international stakeholders and networks, worldwide good practices, and our 20 years of on the ground experience, related to your reality.

The AMCV has been coordinating the Walloon network of town centre management for more than twenty years, making sure that it would continuously progress and improve towards intensified professionalization. Town centre managers and their teams have been ongoingly trained on all matters related to managing a city centre, from legislation, to themes such as deliveries, smart cities, communication, retail development, urban management, territorial marketing, place branding, place making, place management, or project management, etc. We organize trainings dedicated to the subjects from the open list below::

Revitalize your city centre via economic development with effective tools that have proven successful, understand the retail sector, especially to assess the quality and impact of commercial development projects, …

In a world in full swing, the city centre redesigns itself, more united, more sustainable, more collaborative, more circular, more local, more focused on its identity and the needs of its users ...

Town centre management, more than ever, reveals to be the key interface between more and more implied and concerned protagonists. Permanently evolving, it efficiently and responsively adapts to constant changes.

Framework, founding principles, governance, evolution, implementation, daily management, …. all aspects are tackled, from the legal structure to the partnership, via its creation, the mission and role of each of its member, up to long term vision and daily action, etc.

For the last decades, cities have been facing new tremendous challenges. High streets in particular have suffered from a spectacular desertification that needs urgent support. Some tools have proven very efficient to revitalize these commercial arteria. What are they ? How can they be set up ? Who with and at what costs?

Lessons and decryption of successful implementations.

This masterclass proves the importance of a place DNA and the need for a positioning and a proper place branding for each city.

From the vision to the action plan, via the strategy, follow each steps leading to a successful territory !

Not that expensive, easy to implement, efficient and visible, this technique brings back security, cleanliness, maintenance and friendliness at the very heart of public realm’s priorities.

Place making is a users-focused bottom-up approach leading to the redesign of public spaces according to people needs and expectations. A new layout combined with new functionalities improves the use of the place and instills natural supervision.

The masterclass highlights the key factors for success and provides operational tools tested– and approved - on site.  

Presentation of the retail sector stakeholders: who are they? How can I communicate and work with them ? What are they looking for to invest in my city centre ?

Hints & tips to attract brands, anchor tenants, independent retailers, investors, … and speak each one’s language ! …
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Walloon network of town centre management structures, 1997-2018
Walloon network of town centre management structures, 1997-2018 :
  • Training of all the new town centre managers: framework, founding principles, governance, evolution, implementation, daily management, survival kit, managing tool, data collection and use, Retail Development Management, …

  • Continuing education for the town centre management teams on all subjects related to the city centre (retail, emerging trends, urban policy, public realm management, marketing, promotion and communication, employers’ alliance, positioning, place making, place branding and place management, work and project management, retail dynamic, creativity, marketing, e-marketing, e and m-commerce, parking, deliveries, etc.)

  • Training urban stewards: missions, managing tool, data entry, etc.

Masterclasses in entrepeneurship - clients : Centre Idée, Groupe One, IFAPME, PME 3000 network, …

Trainings in mobility and economic impetus for the CeM network since 1997

Trainings in territorial management and urban development special degree by the FUCAM

Technical classes on new tools and regulations regarding business locations and commercial facilities, in Charleroi, December the 7th, 2016, Brussels, June the 4th, 2015

Masterclasses in urban renewal for the Walloon Region Union of Cities and Municipalities since 1997

Tailor-made trainings - clients : AGEFOS PME France (Cahors, Lot, Midi-Pyrénées, …), French Chambers of Commerce (Midi-Pyrénées, Montauban, Rhônes-Alpes, Tarn, Toulouse, …), MG2T,…

Interventions as a coach -  clients : Centre d’Études Jacques Georgin, CCI Rhône-Alpes, Espace Environnement asbl, Leuven University (advisor for appropriate uses of land).
Masterclasses in entrepeneurship...
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