The AMCV’s market research department has over two decades of geomarketing experience for both the public and the private sectors. Market research, site surveys, impact assessments, capacity models, strategic positioning studies, … we have been a pioneer in bringing over, creating and developing these tools in Belgium since and as early as 1997.

Furthermore, in order to provide town centre management structures and city centre operators with key performing indicators, we have created a « managing tool ». This managing tool consists in compiling a series of statistical data, qualitative and quantitative research, field surveys collections and plans, customer catchment areas, etc. It provides key indicators measuring the performance of city centres, following their evolutions and assessing their changes over time.

The AMCV has processed and analyzed all these data for the Walloon network of town centre management structures from 1997 to 2018, giving a clear view of the Regional urban trends.

MANAGING TOOL - Customized development for :
  • Neuville-Sur-Saône, France (since 2009)
  • Saint Denis, La Réunion, France (2011-2017)
  • Nouméa, New Caledonia, France, for the City of Nouméa and the Chamber of Commerce of New Caledonia (2007-2015) Avignon, France (2010-2012)
  • Darfo and Voghera, Region of Lombardy, Italy (2009)
  • Moncalieri and Chivasso, Turin, Italy (2007 – 2009)
Ongoing data processing for the Walloon town centre management structures : cartographies/ surveys/ flows/ plans/ customer catchment areas - 1997-2018

  • City of Courcelles (2018–ongoing)
  • City of Chaumont-Gistoux (2017–ongoing)
  • City of Herstal (2017–ongoing)
  • City of La Louvière (2017–ongoing)
  • City of Arlon (2016–ongoing)
  • City of Mouscron (2015–2016)
  • City of Charleroi (2015)
  • City of Jodoigne for the Brabant Walloon intercommunal structure (2014-2015)
  • City of Dinant (2014)
  • City of Jurbise (2014)
  • City of Ath
  • Cities of Lessines & Péruwelz for the CITW (2010–2012)
  • City of La Louvière + advice and guidance regarding the development of a new shopping mall in the city centre, worth 40.000 m² (2010–2011)
  • Namur borough for Wallonia – SPW DGO4 (2009-2010)
  • Centre-City of Tournai for the CITW (2009-2010)
  • City of Soumagne for the Minister of Economy (2009-2010)
  • City of Enghien (2009)
  • City of Hannut for Hannut’s town centre management ASBL (2009)
  • City of Frameries (2008)
  • Charleroi ‘s urban area for Wallonia (2008)
  • City of Sambreville (2007)
  • Brussels Capital Region (2006)

  • City of Couvin for the UCM (employers' organization engaged in defending the self-employed and businesses) Namur (2017)
  • City of Beauraing for the UCM Namur (2017)
  • City-centre of Louvain-la-Neuve’s commercial and urban management for the City of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (2016–2017)
  • Commercial atlas of Walloon Picardy for the CITW - [Wallonia tourist engineering centre] (2013)

MARKET RESEARCH (since 1997):

Geomarketing for the :
  • Private sector : Redevco, Mestdagh sa, Fortis Real Estate, Bernheim Comofi Real Estate, Wagner sa, Devimo Consult sa, SCCB, Pérobel sa, Idelux,..
  • and Shopping Centres: Ville 2, City Nord, Ring Shopping Center Kuurne, Shopping center Maasmechelen 2, Woluwe Shopping Center, …
  • Public sector / city centres of: Mons, Arlon, La Louvière, Wavre, Rixensart, Péruwelz, Calais …

Location for Spar Retail , Champion Groupe Mestdagh, Go sport, Cora, Espace Mode, Cash Converters, Ixina, Les Tissus du Chien Vert, Quick Restaurants, The Foodmaker, Geneviève Landhu, Carrefour Market, Michelin, AG Real Estate, Devimo, Idelux, Wilhelm & Co, Breevast, SNCB Holding, …

Redesign of a commercial building in Gilly (commercial use on the ground floor + housing above), together with Barattucci architecture firm.

IMPACT ANALYSES (since 1998) for :
  • AG Real Estate : impact analysis of the development of new projects on existing commercial poles (2011-2012)
  • Wilhelm&Co : dimensioning and positioning of a shopping centre in Namur, Belgium (2007, 2008) 
  • The City of Neufchâteau, Luxembourg Region, Belgium : impact of the complete reorganization of the Grand Place, especially the change of this main square into a one-way place (2002)
  • The City of Arlon : impact of the redevelopment of the street “avenue de la Gare” on the commercial activity of the city core (2001)
  • IP Stratégie : impact of implementation of a Factory Outland Mall on Verviers city-centre (1999)

  • Arlon : Quality Tourism Plan for the CITW (2016)
  • Bastogne : Quality Tourism Plan for the CITW (2015)
  • Strépy : Tourist promotion of the site of the place and ponds for the City of La Louvière (2013)
  • La Roche-en-Ardenne : Quality Tourism Plan for the CITW (2012-2013)
  • Charleroi : commercial development perspective analysis of Charleroi touristic neighbourhoods for the CITW (2009- 2010)

  • City Nord, Woluwe Shopping Center, Anspach, Les tissus du Chien Vert, L’Andal, Décathlon, Spar Retail , Les Bastions, Commune 2, M2 Shopping Center, …

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