The Managing Tool

The AMCV has created a managing tool for the city centre.
The managing tool the AMCV has developed, is a true information system for city centres. The managing tool is based on marketings’ surveys (customers, retailers, other specific witnesses)  and produces performance indicators as well as technical documents (pedestrian flows, vacancy rates, etc.). All these elements evaluate the full potential of the city core both qualitatively and quantita-tively. The managing tool assesses the surroundings and context in which the city centre evolves, thanks to which an objective comparison between the stakeholders’ perception and the field reality can be made. 


This multifunctional tool supports the set up of a town centre management unit, the daily work of the town centre manager, when shaping the action plan, looking for investors or monitoring actions carried out.

First used in Belgium to fight against shop vacancy, the managing tool has soon found followers in New Caledonia, France and Italy, where it is now a key instrument for town centre management units.

The AMCV diffuses methods and techniques to collect data, processes and certifies, and can also, on request, technically supports in analysing the collected data. Metrics and trends are provided so results can be assessed and interpreted.

More information:

Managing Tool Unit - contact

To access the secure space “my Managing tool” pooling all the documents from the managing tool (technical files, study reports, performing files) :

My managing Tool



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