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Being a member of the AMCV means :

  • Taking advantage of our internal stream of information and communication while supporting Town Centre Management in Belgium;
  • Receiving our quarterly "Tendance Centre-Ville" publication;
  • Being invited to take part in our think-tank sessions and our study days;
  • Receiving discounts on our study tours and our publications;
  • Being supported by the AMCV for any information or contact request you may have on a specific issue;
  • Becoming eligible, depending on your activity/status (public or private sector, town centre manager), for a post on the AMCV's Executive Council (participative assembly), and becoming an elector in votes to renew half of the Council's posts;
  • Gaining membership to the TOCEMA Europe network and benefiting from its advantages;
  • Being presented with the opportunity of applying for a Quality Mark certification.

Annual fee :
An "adherent" member is defined as being all persons, companies or associations having duly paid a currently valid annual fee.

Annual fees are as follows :

  • 250 EUR for associations, towns or companies. The fee includes direct membership for the town centre manager. It is possible to add private or public members at a cost of 125 EUR per additional member;
  • 25 EUR for individual persons.

    Please contact us if you require any further information or to receive your Membership Form.

    We are at your disposal: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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